We will be supporting the Sacred Heart House charity for our initial program. Please help us in supporting a valuable local resource to the community. All of the donations collected will go direct to the charity and 83% of all funds passed to Scared Heart House go to support the program so we can make a huge local impact to a valuable local resource.

The Sacred Heart House of Denver offers a continuum of services to homeless mothers with children and single woman to help them achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

To learn more please visit their website at

Although you can donate direct on their website please turn in your check or cash to the secretary at our regular meeting or mail it to the lodge, please mark it for the Sacred Heart House so we can gather the funds. We would like to track any donations by the brothers and our support from the lodge. Our Wardens will provide periodic updates on this charity as well as other programs as we expand our charity efforts. Please consider contributing on the next lodge stated communication.


Thank you to those that have donated, your gift will help change lives. We will keep the lodge up to date on support activities and other information as we move forward. If you have any questions on this program please contact either of the wardens.

One of our base foundations of Freemasonry is charity. Let's make Highlands Lodge #86 a force in the local community.