From the East


Greetings Brothers,

I can't believe how fast this year has passed  as we get into the end of the year things are progressing at a remarkable speed and we are so busy with degree work, it is so refreshing.  We had a fantastic round of FC degrees on 11/16/2018, for those of you that missed the degree work it was a success as we advanced 2 Brothers to the FC degree.  We have a LOT of activity as we enter into the December end of the year and it is a fantastic time for Highlands 86.  I feel so humble and proud to have had the opportunity to represent you and Highlands Lodge and we as a lodge have gained so much ground in the last several years and the path we are on is remarkable and I want to thank each and every member for your efforts. I am so proud of this Lodge and the members that call Highlands home.  The amount of work the Temple Board has done in the last several years is to be commended and reflects a true dedication to the fraternity. But my Brothers our journey is a new one, one of rebirth and renewal so come see for yourself.

12/01/2018 - (Special Communication)  One FC Proficiency and  Three 1st degrees starting at 2 PM.  You all have to come on down and see all the activity we have going on plus a chance to see the new updates to the building if you have not been to Lodge for a while.

12/7/2018 will be our annual meeting and our traditional Oyster stew and chili dinner.  Come down and support the lodge and cast your votes for the future of the lodge.

12/8/2018 - is our annual Christmas Party - Starts as 12:00 PM and there will be Santa, Crafts, Music and more.

12/21/2018 -  Is our installation night - this is am=n OPEN meeting so please bring your family, prospects and friends.  Lets let the new line officers that the lodge is behind them.

Coming Social Events:

* Pancake Breakfast  - Fundraiser and open to the community!  Come join us for a great breakfast, see the building that is of so much discussion and comments in the community.   

The Masonic Fraternity is one of the oldest men's premier fraternities  that is steeped in history. What started as "operative masons" building the majestic edifices of Europe and the mason's guilds of the middle ages has evolved into one of "speculative masonry" where we build better men through moral, ethical and social responsibility and the support of charity to others. Masons and Freemasonry has played important parts through history, are you the next piece of the puzzle in history ?

Fraternally Yours;

Peter Finnie

Worshipful Master 

Highlands Lodge #86 AF & AM 


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The Lodge is also looking to fill several officer positions if you are looking to enrich your Masonic life consider becoming part of the leadership of the Lodge by entering into line progression.  If you are interested please contact  the Worshipful Master for additional  information.