From the East


Greetings Brothers,

October is upon us as the year escalates by. I would like to invite and encourage each of you to come to lodge and see all the new changes to the lodge in the last few months.  You will be amazed to see whats new and we also have our ELEVATOR completed and in operation.  This lodge is alive and active and we welcome all the brothers to come and partake of our fraternity.  If you know of  a member that has not been here for a while why not call them up and invite them, perhaps arrange to pick them up or if they need a ride let an officer know. Our lodge is more than a building and is  really it's members and not the place in which we meet. Come on down and participate, engage others and share in your masonic fraternity.  WE WANT YOU! 

We hope to have additional degree work on the calendar soon as we have lots of candidates and brothers in various stages of their journey. 

We have the following meetings scheduled .

10/5/2018 - stated communication and we will have a EA proficiency. Refreshments at 6:30 PM

10/19/2018 - stated communication. Refreshment at 6:30 PM 

11/02/2018  - Our Grand Masters visit and will be a stated closed meeting this year.  

Please RSVP to or any line officer.

Coming Social Events:

* Pancake Breakfast  - Fundraiser and open to the community!  Come join us for a great breakfast, see the building that is of so much discussion and comments in the community.   

The Masonic Fraternity is one of the oldest men's premier fraternities  that is steeped in history. What started as "operative masons" building the majestic edifices of Europe and the mason's guilds of the middle ages has evolved into one of "speculative masonry" where we build better men through moral, ethical and social responsibility and the support of charity to others. Masons and Freemasonry has played important parts through history, are you the next piece of the puzzle in history ?

Fraternally Yours;

Peter Finnie

Worshipful Master 

Highlands Lodge #86 AF & AM 


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** Are you a Master and member of the Lodge?  Looking to get involved?  Contact one of our line officers for information on where you can help.

The Lodge is also looking to fill several officer positions if you are looking to enrich your Masonic life consider becoming part of the leadership of the Lodge by entering into line progression.  If you are interested please contact  the Worshipful Master for additional  information.