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 Stated Communication
Refreshments at 6:30 PM
Lodge immediately after


Stated Communication
Refreshments at 6:30 PM
Lodge immediately after.

Coming Events:

To be announced early 2019 - Pancake Breakfast  - Fundraiser and open to the community!  Come join us for a great breakfast, meet us s neighbors of the community, see the building that is of so much discussion and comments in the community.   

We will also be doing building tours and will have information on the fraternity. We will have members available to answer questions about the building and the fraternity. We have been a part of the Highlands community for over 100 years and are proud of that. The Masonic fraternity is a premier men's fraternity that is embedded in history represented by Kings, Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and other world leaders.  Masonic ties can be found in every aspect of history and are as strong today as ever. The breakfast is a fundraiser and get to know your neighbor event.

$6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under 12


Scrambled Eggs





**  additional donations above the breakfast event will be graciously accepted and will go to Highlands Lodge 86 renovation efforts.



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